Iffat Omar believes Urfi Javed’s Fashion Choices reflect her Personal Style

During a recent appearance on Mohsin Abbas Haider’s talk show, “Public Demand,” Iffat Omar expressed her views on Urfi Javed’s fashion choices. The discussion centered on the Indian television and social media sensation Urfi Javed, known for her eccentric and provocative dressing style.

Iffat, renowned for her strong and progressive opinions, emphasized that Urfi’s fashion choices are entirely her own. While she personally wouldn’t opt for similar fashion statements, she firmly believes that Urfi should have the freedom to dress as she pleases.

The host framed the question in a somewhat humorous and somewhat derogatory manner, referring to Urwa as a ‘species’ from across the border. However, Iffat refused to engage in ridiculing a fellow peer in the entertainment industry. When asked, “What’s your take on Urfi Javed’s fashion sense? Does it even qualify as fashion?” Iffat responded, “It’s not my style of fashion, so I wouldn’t adopt it. But why should I criticize her?”

Mohsin prodded further, inquiring, “Is anything permissible in the name of fashion? Are there any parameters for fashion? Are there any do’s and don’ts in fashion, or not?”

Iffat provided a clever and diplomatically correct answer, stating, “There are indeed some do’s and don’ts in fashion, but it’s not for you or me to decide what those are.”

She also stressed that everyone possesses their unique fashion sense, along with their own likes, dislikes, and style preferences. Consequently, no one should have the authority to dictate someone else’s fashion choices or personal style.

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