art of filmmaking

Mastering Filmmaking: Essential Techniques and Inspiring Examples for Beginners

Filmmaking is a multifaceted art form that combines storytelling, visual aesthetics and technical prowess to create captivating narratives. From camera angles to editing choices, filmmakers employ a variety of techniques to evoke emotions, convey messages and immerse audiences in their cinematic worlds. In this article we will explore some key filmmaking techniques along with examples…

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Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi in jaan-e-jahan

Ayeza Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi unveiled glimpse of their latest upcoming Drama Serial ‘Jaan-e-Jahan’

Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi provided a sneak peek into their roles in the highly anticipated Drama serial ‘Jaan-e-Jahan’ through a recently released reel. In an Instagram clip Ayeza Khan introduced her character #ShehNoor alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi hinting at the mystery surrounding his character’s name in Jaan-e-Jahan. Following the reveal of video clip…

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daram serial tere bin

Famous Drama Serial ‘Tere Bin’ Season 2 is actually happening, Premier Date announced

After a prolonged wait, fans of ‘Tere Bin’ find themselves on the brink of excitement as the second season of their favourite drama serial has been officially confirmed. In a thrilling revelation, the highly successful Pakistani drama series ‘Tere Bin,’ produced by Abdullah Kadwani, made a grand announcement on Twitter, disclosing the long-anticipated premiere date…

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