memory stored in brain

How memories are stored in the brain? New Study Revealed

How our brain absorb new information and shape memories has fascinated Neuroscientists. Recent research led by Dr. Tomás Ryan from Trinity College Dublin reveals that learning stems from the continuous creation of fresh connectivity patterns between specific engram cells situated across various brain regions. Learning isn’t confined to specific moments—it’s a constant, ongoing process. As…

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depression and anxiety

Scientists reveal effective Non-Medication Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

In a recent study, scientists have discovered that running is just as effective in alleviating depression as taking medication. Moreover, the findings highlight the greater benefits of engaging in physical activity compared to relying on antidepressants. The research also found that people tend to opt for medication rather than running as a treatment for depression….

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How Walking helps in Weight Loss

Walking, often underestimated in the pursuit of weight loss, can be a potent tool for achieving your fitness objectives. Health experts recommend a daily target of at least 10,000 steps to aid in weight loss. The fundamental question is: how much walking is required to shed those excess pounds? The answer hinges on a variety…

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Ultra-processed foods containing Artificial Sweeteners linked to Depression in women: Study revealed

A recent study has uncovered a potential connection between the consumption of high levels of ultra-processed foods and drinks, particularly those containing artificial sweeteners, and an increased risk of depression. According to the findings, individuals who consumed nine portions or more of ultra-processed foods daily (representing the top 20% of participants) had a roughly 50%…

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Committee investigates cases of Vision Impairment due to Injections

ISLAMABAD: In response to reports of individuals experiencing vision loss following the administration of an injection, health authorities have established a five-member committee to conduct a thorough investigation. Instances of vision impairment have surfaced in Lahore and Kasur, where medical professionals administered Avastin injections that were subsequently found to be contaminated. In response, health authorities…

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Scarcity of doctors in Pakistan, approximately 35% of female doctors are unemployed

In Pakistan, despite a critical need for qualified medical practitioners in the world’s fifth most populous country, a significant number of female doctors find themselves unemployed, according to a report released on Monday. A joint research effort by Gallup Pakistan and PRIDE across Pakistan revealed that as many as 35% of female medical doctors are…

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