Pakistan: Nationwide Anti Polio Campaign to start tomorrow

A country-wide anti-polio campaign is starting from Monday in which over forty million children will be administered with polio vaccine along with supplementary dose of vitamin A.

Addressing the anti-polio campaign in the country, Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Naseem Jan emphasized the crucial role parents play in this effort. He urged parents to wholeheartedly support the polio teams and ensure that their children receive polio drops.

Dr. Jan underscored that eradicating polio from the country is a collective responsibility of every citizen. He also noted that the incidence of polio has significantly decreased, with only a few areas still affected.

Furthermore, the health minister pointed out that achieving global certification requires the absence of any polio cases for three consecutive years. To this end, he called upon educated individuals to raise awareness among the general population about the debilitating effects of polio.

Last week, Caretaker Federal Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan reaffirmed the commitment of his ministry to utilize all available resources to permanently eliminate polio from Pakistan by the end of 2023. He described “Polio-free Pakistan” as a national goal that is now within reach, expressing optimism about achieving this mission.

anti polio campaign

Dr. Jan assured that the caretaker government is diligently working to eradicate this lethal virus from the country, and these efforts are expected to yield positive results.

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