Lt Gen Munir Afsar appointed as Chairman NADRA

On Monday, Federal cabinet officially approved the appointment of Lieutenant General Munir Afsar as the Chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). This decision followed the submission of a summary by the interior ministry, which presented three recommended candidates.

The selection committee meticulously shortlisted three candidates for the position of NADRA Chairman. After thorough deliberation, Lieutenant General Munir Afsar was selected as the new chairman NADRA, as per the official announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office. A notification was promptly issued to formalize his appointment as Chairman NADRA with immediate effect.

Cabinet announce Lt Gen Munir Afsar as Chairman NADRA

Lieutenant General Munir Afsar is a three-star general who achieved this rank in October 2022. His illustrious career has been characterized by significant experience in IT-related technical development and management within the Pakistan Army, along with his service at Pakistan’s Mission in the United Nations (UN). Notably, he has been honored with the Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) award for his outstanding contributions.

He holds an MPhil in Public Policy and National Security Management. During the 2010 floods, he authored a research paper on public policy response within the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. Furthermore, he completed his MS in GIS and remote sensing, receiving recognition through a presidential award for his paper on rapid geospatial data generation via photometry. Additionally, he holds an MS in National Resource Strategy and specializes in C&IT Industry and Supply Chain Management from NDU Washington.

Currently, Lieutenant General Afsar is pursuing his PhD in Remote Sensing at NUST Islamabad, with a focus on the innovative integration of remote sensing and artificial intelligence for the detection of plant diseases. His extensive contributions to the field have resulted in several research publications covering various aspects of IT and GIS.

In terms of his IT-related experience, he served as a Military Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Officer at the UN and played a pivotal role in developing a GIS application for flood recovery during the 2010 floods in Pakistan. Additionally, during his tenure as a Major General, he held the position of Director General of Command, Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Directorate, responsible for overseeing IT management. Following his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General, he continued to serve as the Inspector General of Communication and IT and later assumed the role of Commander of Pakistan Army Cyber Command.

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