Indian Woman sets Guinness World Records with Longest Hair

Smita Srivastava, a 46-year-old from Uttar Pradesh India has secured a place in Guinness Book of World Record for the longest hair on a living person, measuring in an impressive length of 236.22 cm (7 ft 9 in).

Her hair journey started at the age of 14. She was inspired by her mother’s genes, which she credits for the “healthy growth” of her locks. Smita found inspiration in the long and beautiful hair inspired by Hindi actresses of the 1980s.

Explaining the cultural significance that led her to Guinness Book of World Records Smita shared, “In Indian culture, goddesses traditionally had very long hair. In our society, it is considered inauspicious to cut hair so that is why women used to grow hair. Long hair enhances the beauty of women.”

Her meticulous hair care routine involves washing her hair twice weekly in a two hour time. “I lay a sheet down on which I detangle my hair while standing on my bed,” Smita said.

Once dry and detangled, she carefully braids or ties her hair into a bun. She is keeping collection of her fallen hair in a plastic bag for the past two decades. Smita began this practice after a hair loss experience left her emotionally affected.

Her commitment to maintaining her hair’s health is unwavering. Despite trimming a foot of her hair to a length of six feet during a difficult pregnancy, she has never cut it again.

When she goes outside, people attract to her long flowing hair and get amazed. People often approach her to touch, take pictures, and inquire about her hair care secrets.

Overjoyed by the Guinness World Records title, Smita expresses her gratitude saying “God answered my prayers.” She vows to continue caring for her hair, considering it an integral part of her life and eagerly anticipates its future growth.

Smita’s remarkable journey not only sets a Guinness World Record but also becomes an inspiration for those aspiring to maintain the cultural heritage of long, healthy hair.

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