NADRA announces Latest Fee Structure for Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

NADRA has introduced a revised fee structure for the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) for the month of November 2023.

Family Registration Certificate is a vital document offered by NADRA, furnishing comprehensive information on an individual’s family structure, containing details of birth, marriage, or adoption that are registered with NADRA.

Latest Fee Structure of Family Registration Certificate
Latest Fee Structure of Family Registration Certificate

Revised FRC Fee Structure

As per the recent announcement, NADRA has set the fee for obtaining the Family Registration Certificate in both normal and executive categories at Rs 1000.

The primary objective of this fee revision is to streamline the application process, ensuring an efficient service delivery system for citizens in need of this essential document.

Applicants can now apply for the NADRA FRC in three distinct categories: By Birth, By Marriage, and By Adoption. Each category is tailored to specific family dynamics, providing a detailed overview of an individual’s familial relationships.

  • By Birth: The FRC obtained through this category will enlist family members, including details of parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage: This category generates a certificate incorporating information about the spouse and children. Notably, the presence of children under 18 years of age is mandatory during the application process.
  • By Adoption: For those who have adopted a child, the FRC will encompass details about the guardian and the adopted child, provided the child is under 21 years of age.

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