Karachi University launches New 4 Year Degree Program in Digital Media Marketing

The University of Karachi (KU) has introduced an innovative four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program focused on Digital Media Marketing, paving the way for aspiring individuals to explore into this dynamic field.

Applications for the program are now being accepted for the academic year 2024.

Vice Chancellor of KU Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi formally launched the BS Digital Media Marketing program at a special ceremony held at the Sarwar Naseem Hall at Department of Mass Communication.

During his address Dr. Iraqi explained the global relevance of program and its potential to empower young minds. He highlighted the importance of creativity, integrity and technological proficiency as major factors for success in the digital world. However, he cautioned against compromising moral values and ethical standards in this pursuit.

“The landscape has undergone a dramatic shift, where technological prowess is imperative for global outreach,” Dr. Iraqi stated.

He outlined that the program would be particularly beneficial for individuals well-versed in computer skills updated with the latest web trends and possessing strong language proficiency.

Highlighting KU’s commitment to innovation, he mentioned the recent introduction of diverse programs such as BS in Poultry Science, Public Health, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Technology and Sports Business Management in 2023.

Dr. Iraqi announced groundbreaking initiative, allowing Bachelor’s degree holders to qualify for admission to the BS Digital Media Marketing program alongside intermediate graduates.

Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication Dr. Asmat Ara expressed optimism about the program potential to nurture entrepreneurial skills among students by enabling them to create their own content.

She highlighted KU’s pioneering status as the first public university in Pakistan to offer such program distinguishing it from similar offerings in private institutions.

President of Digital Marketing Association Pakistan Dr. Asif Iqbal praised the Digital Media Marketing program design and offered support in any capacity necessary. He stressed the need to adapt to the rapidly changing world and encouraged students to embrace constructive criticism for professional growth.

Head of Digital Output at Geo Pakistan Manzar Ilahi emphasized the vast opportunities in digital media marketing within Pakistan. He urged students to effectively harness digital media tools and cultivate a reading habit to broaden their perspectives and foster professional development.

Renowned TV director and actress Misbah Khaliq highlighted the potential of youth as the future and expressed confidence in their eagerness to learn. She further added that youth’s passion for knowledge will propel them forward.

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