Hajj Policy 2024 announced, Ministry of Religious Affairs Reduces massive prices

Hajj 2024 will be cheaper than before and digitalized as well wherein pilgrims will get an internet-free mobile application also unlimited free call packages introduced

Minister of Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed urged prospective Hajj pilgrims to promptly initiate their applications for the sacred journey. He emphasized the immediate availability of the application forms on the religious affairs website, noting the specific window for downloads from November 27 to December 12.

While announcing 2024 Hajj policy, Minister Aneeq Ahmed disclosed a noteworthy change in costs. Contrasting last year’s expense of Rs 1,107,500 he revealed this year’s cost has been significantly reduced and set at 1,075,000.

To embrace digital advancements, the Ministry of IT played a pivotal role in digitizing the Hajj process. A dedicated app for Hajj 2024 will provide a streamlined experience for the pilgrims. With just a few taps, 90,000 pilgrims will receive suitcases equipped with QR codes, ensuring efficient management.

App designed to function ‘seamlessly’ even in low connectivity areas, will provide Haji with 7GB of data internet for 40 days—enabling unlimited calls within Pakistan. The minister said the digitization step is expected will be proved as a hassle-free communication breakthrough during the pilgrimage.

Additionally, Minister Ahmed assured pilgrims about the quality and locations of the residences available in both Holy cities, ensuring a comfortable and favourable stay for those embarking on this spiritual expedition.

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