Boost Your WiFi Speed Instantly with this Unique Trick

A new technique known as “coffee table trick” has emerged as a game-changer, providing a cost-free and straightforward solution for those seeking improved WiFi internet speeds.

Endorsed by experts at All Connect, this method involves strategically relocating your Wifi router to a central coffee table within your living space, promising instant enhancements in connectivity.

The idea behind this technique is to position the router centrally and at an elevated level, maximizing its coverage for devices spread across the house.

Wifi speed

Placing the router on a small coffee table strategically placed in a central hallway or living space is believed to significantly boost its effectiveness. The key is to avoid placing the Wifi router too close to windows or in corners where Wi-Fi signals might disperse away from the home.

While this trick comes at no cost, it’s essential to consider other electronic devices nearby that might disrupt signals like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, smart home gadgets or even microwaves potentially slowing down internet speeds.

To address this issue it is recommended to keep the router in a dedicated space which is free from potential signal-interfering devices.

This innovative method offers a practical and immediate solution for individuals facing sluggish Wi-Fi speeds, making the “coffee table trick” a viable consideration for an improved internet experience.

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