What is the Water Cycle?

Meaning of Water Cycle

The water cycle is the movement it makes in nature . This movement is infinite and circular.

It occurs through the process of evaporation of surface waters (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.) of planet Earth and also through the perspiration of living beings.

The water cycle is another important biogeochemical cycle that occurs on our planet, and which consists of the circulation of water between the different compartments of the hydrosphere : oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, among others.

However, as is the case with this type of cycle , there is the intervention of chemical reactions and then the water moves from one place to another, or its physical state does not change.


The importance of the water cycle is the interaction it has with the ecosystem and also living beings depend on it to survive. It is worth mentioning that the water cycle is also necessary for the proper functioning of living beings.

The water cycle is extremely important for the maintenance of life on planet Earth. It is through the hydrological cycle that climatic variation occurs, creating conditions for the development of plants and animals and the functioning of rivers, oceans and lakes.



Water vapor from evaporation forms clouds in the atmosphere . When these clouds become overloaded and reach high altitudes, rain is produced. These form because the temperature drops and the water becomes liquid (condensation).

This water that falls in the rains will end up in the oceans, rivers and lakes. The water then evaporates again, thus forming the water cycle once again.

It is very important to allow the water cycle , as if the atmosphere were as polluted as possible and, in turn, the purity of the available water.

Factors that act in the process of the hydrological cycle : planetary movements (rotation and translation), solar energy, gravity, physical-chemical processes (salinity, for example) and biological processes (caused by vegetation and living beings).

The processes that influence the water cycle are: rain, snow, hail, condensation, evapotranspiration (transpiration of living things), evaporation, water infiltration and runoff.

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