What does true love mean?

What is true love?

True love is one where two people love each other, regardless of the situations and problems they may experience.

True love is one where nothing shakes and resists any difficulty , making the couple stay together in the bad times and celebrate all the happy moments together.

It is a much discussed topic, many people doubt if it really exists.

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With the promiscuity that exists, many people stop believing in love , and this usually happens after experiencing bad experiences, such as betrayal, lack of trust, humiliation, etc.

Some claim that the real only happens when both people love themselves.

Similarly, this type of love goes far beyond romanticism and eroticism , and is also considered a matter of commitment, work, care, and a strong daily commitment.

Many people believe that each one builds their own true love , there are no rules, there are qualities and requirements that make each one happy, according to their preferences and desires.

Love and passion

True love is different from passion, it does not focus on small and useless things, it cares about the big things, the feelings, the benefits that the relationship brings, but true love is not necessarily eternal .

Often true love dies when one of the parties involved breaks the existing trust.

True love can also be related to religious themes, because whoever believes in God believes that He is the source of love and demonstrates true love for human beings.

It is very common to find people who feel a strong need to find their true love and express this same feeling for another person.

This is because there are several different types of love classifications , such as platonic love, brotherly love, unconditional love, etc.

Examples of True Love

children’s stories

We can find an example in children’s stories, where the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after. Yes, this is an example , but it is a fairy tale.

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

We can look into the history of Egypt and we will find Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.
A novel considered true love by historians, but after César’s death she had an affair with Marco Antonio.

Romeo and Juliet

We can look to the theater in Romeo and Juliet, but the tragic ending written by Shakespeare does not give us the happy ending we imagine for a novel.

We can search indefinitely and we will always find great love stories that worked or ended in tragedy.

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