What is a Technical Certificate?

Meaning of Technical Certificate

A technical certificate is issued to individuals who have completed a specialized course of study related to specific vocational skills.

Known as Vocational Related Qualifications (VRQs), such a certificate is proof that the individual has been exposed to information that is vital to the performance of tasks associated with certain professions or jobs, and has assimilated that information to the satisfaction of the institution that issued the certificates.

Students seeking a technical certificate may be required to work as an apprentice with a trained professional.

Generally, obtaining a technical certificate involves the commitment of a minimum number of hours in a classroom and the completion of specific courses that are considered necessary before the training period is considered complete.

Some certificate courses of study may also involve some type of activity outside of the classroom, such as an apprenticeship in a job or profession that is relevant to the subject. It is usually possible to adjust the pace of course work to accommodate other time commitments.

This makes it possible to earn a technical certificate while still working full or part time and participating in family responsibilities and activities.

As part of a course toward a technical certificate, students must complete classroom exercises during their studies.

For people seeking a technical certificate related to a job or profession they are already doing, some issuing institutions will provide what is called a restricted technical certificate.

The restricted certificate acknowledges that the person has life experience that is relevant to the subject of the course of study and provides documentation to that effect. Individuals who hold this type of certificate can continue to earn a full certificate, with the required number of class hours and reduced range of courses.

Electrician’s assistants and others who work in a field may be eligible to receive a restricted technician certificate based on their experience.

The exact requirements to obtain a technical certificate will vary from institution to institution. However, the benefits of having one are similar to those of having a college degree.

The technical certificate is helpful in demonstrating to prospective employers or clients that the individual possesses certified working knowledge of matters that are directly related to the tasks involved in the job or career in question.

Some technical certification programs offer distance learning components.

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