What is self-esteem?

Meaning of Self-esteem

Self-esteem is the quality that belongs to the individual who is satisfied with his identity , that is, a person who is confident and values ​​himself .

In psychology, self-esteem is a subjective evaluation that a certain individual makes of himself . In this case, human values ​​such as dignity, respect and trust are present in the personality of that person.

According to Sigmund Freud’s studies, self- esteem would be directly related to the development of the ego .

Among the main synonyms of self-esteem are self-esteem, pride, honor, and dignity.

Improve self-esteem

The most viable path to positive self-esteem is self- knowledge . Knowing oneself is fundamental, because it implies being aware of its positive and negative aspects, and valuing the virtues found.

This internal dialogue requires a turning towards oneself, a determination to embark on this journey towards the essence of being, leaving aside the domain of the ego.

This subjective recognition makes the individual more capable of facing the obstacles and challenges of daily life, since he now knows his potential for resistance and the intensity of his courage and determination.

Therefore, you can avoid the difficulties that characterize low self-esteem , such as insecurity, maladjustment, perfectionism, doubts, uncertainties, lack of confidence in your ability, fear of making mistakes, the incessant search for recognition and approval, among others.

Strengthened, the subject can resist the factors that cause the drop in self-esteem : criticism and self-criticism, guilt, abandonment, rejection, need, frustration, shame, envy, shyness, insecurity, fear, anger and many others.


  • It is also necessary to take care of one’s physical appearance, so that one can enjoy looking at oneself in the mirror.
  • Know how to value our qualities.
  • Do not overestimate the shortcomings.
  • Learn from the experiences of a lifetime.
  • Know how to develop love and affection for oneself.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • To believe that one has the merit of being happy, of being loved, as well as.
  • Enjoy the simplest pleasures in life, but that effectively make us happy.


How It Forms

Self -esteem is formed throughout childhood , based on education and treatment received from family, friends and teachers. The environment, the context in which the child grows up, is very important, as this environment can make or break the baby’s self-confidence.

If the parents make the child dependent, they can imbue them with false beliefs, which contributes to their low self-esteem. According to psychology, self-esteem can encompass what are called self-meaning beliefs : “ I am smart/ignorant ”, aggregated self-meaning emotions, security/insecurity, and behavioral traits.

school stage

If the child has an innate ability to learn and is productive in school, this automatically contributes to his self- esteem . In this relationship with the educational sphere, including the relationship with peers, this feeling develops very early.

At this time, the child is easily influenced and shaped by those around him, especially the parents, who are for him the model of behavior , the image in which he reflects himself. This is how the bonds of love or hate are formed, which will immediately be reflected in the formation of his self-esteem .

If children grow up in a derogatory environment amid teasing, their self -image will naturally be lower. This same pattern can be repeated at school and with the circle of friends, which will reinforce this feeling.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can be considered a symptom of depression, when the depressed individual has insecure and negative behaviour, constant dissatisfaction and low confidence in their actions.

Low self-esteem also manifests itself in naturally insecure and anxious people , probably due to occasional situations that have occurred throughout their lives and contributed to preventing the healthy development of their self-esteem.

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