What is self control?

Meaning of self-control

Self – control is the human ability that helps control our impulses . It helps us to calmly and serenely face the problems and normal setbacks of life, that is, it encourages us to cultivate patience and develop ourselves with the understanding of established and yet to be established interpersonal relationships.

Basically, the concept of self-control in the control of impulses and reactions to the reception of certain stimuli based on some general techniques and rules.

It follows that self-control is the absolutely positive skill that insists on changing the positive direction for good results at the end of the journey. The person with self-control can master his emotions and balance her behavior.

But it is not only this that gives security to self-control in times of crisis, it is one that distinguishes the most important from the less relevant.

To begin with, the main thing is not to force the body or the mind, because only when an individual is relaxed and serene can he deal with the problems that arise. Still, it is vital to have fluid communication to avoid any kind of violent emotional confrontation.

Also, patience is another key piece of self-control , because perhaps forgiving yourself and calmly accepting your weaknesses can be successful.

Meanwhile, in irrational behavior, materialized in ideas, thoughts and others, they oppose the plane of self-control. By establishing psychological dependency, insecurity and lack of appreciation eliminate the possibility of self-control and the possibility of depression.

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