What is Sabbatical Year?

Meaning of Sabbatical Year

Sabbatical year is a term that emerged with the Hebrew culture and refers to the fact of being isolated from professional activities during all the months of the year to dedicate yourself exclusively to some life project.

The sabbatical year is not the same as vacation , because unlike this, there are no legal provisions. In other words, companies are not required to give their employees a sabbatical .

Despite this, some companies from different countries, especially those whose culture is related to Jewish culture, end up accepting and even encouraging this kind of ‘ license ‘.

These companies believe that it can provide not only personal growth but also professional growth.

In those places where the sabbatical year is promoted , it is not enough to express the desire to have it, but first of all it is necessary to have a project that is presented in the workplace to demonstrate the real reason why this moment of absence will be important both personally and professionally.

After the presentation of the project, some companies even help finance the ideas of the employees during this sabbatical period.


Obviously this only happens when the company realizes some return potential. Therefore, in some cases, employees, in addition to being ‘ sponsored ‘ by the company they work for, still receive salary during this period.

Reasons to take a Gap Year

It can be said that there are several reasons why a person chooses to have a gap year , they are:

  • personal dissatisfaction
  • Professional Dissatisfaction
  • Extreme mental or physical stress
  • To see that it is the perfect time to put that dream into practice.
  • For wanting to restart life after a deep emotional blow.

What is certain is that the gap year begins with the desire of people who want to start a new activity to put an end to the frustrations that hinder progress in professional and social life.

As stated above, the gap year cannot be considered a vacation because it has no legal basis.

Mainly due to the fact that, unlike vacations, the gap year is all about putting into practice projects that involve learning, creating and discovering.

These projects can be traveling to study and have experiences with other cultures that can allow new skills.

Therefore, those who have access to this type of experience , can return more specialized and with more attributes to work with.

Vacations, in turn, have more to do with rest.

Sabbatical year in the Bible

The Bible that mentions the sabbatical year is better known as the Torah , a type of Bible for the Jewish people . According to the Torah, the sabbatical year must be celebrated every seven years , that is, for six years the work must be hard so that in the seventh year the rest can be harvested.

This type of system for Jews is also the norm during the weeks. For these people, it is a rule that Saturday is reserved for rest, and any kind of work during this period is extremely prohibited.

Also known as Shemitah , the sabbatical year is mentioned in the Torah as the land’s period of rest , and Jews are prohibited from engaging in any activities related to farming and agriculture.

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