Russia announces latest Visa Regulation for Pakistani Tourists

As of November 2023, Russian authorities have introduced updated guidelines for Pakistani citizens applying for tourist visas.

Interview Requirement:

All tourist visa applicants must now undergo a personal interview, detailing comprehensive travel plans and accommodation arrangements.

Document Checklist:

To facilitate a seamless application process, Pakistani travelers must submit following documents for their Russian tourist visa application:

  1. Basis for Visa Issuance: A tourist confirmation from an official Russian tour operator with detailed personal information, entry/exit dates, purpose of visit, itinerary, and accommodation details.
  2. Paid Tourist Voucher: Evidence of a confirmed and paid-for stay in Russia, such as a tourist voucher or hotel reservation.
  3. Confirmation of Return Ticket: Documentary proof of a paid return ticket to Russia.
  4. Original Passport: Validity of at least six months from the visa expiry date, with two blank pages for visas, and a high-quality copy of relevant passport pages.
  5. Visa Application Form: Completed online via the official portal, accompanied by an attached photograph.

Extended Processing Time and Updated Visa Fees:

Under the new regulations, the decision on tourist visa issuance will take up to 30 days post the submission of all required documents. Additionally, updated visa fees for Pakistani citizens are as follows:

  • Single Entry Visa: PKR 22,560
  • Double Entry Visa: PKR 35,360

These fees cover the administrative costs associated with processing tourist visas for Pakistani travelers eager to explore the architectural wonders of Moscow, Palaces of Saint Petersburg, and ancient cities of the Golden Ring.

Online Application Process:

Applicants are encouraged to visit the official Russian visa application website to complete forms and upload necessary documents. Accurate adherence to guidelines during the application is crucial.

Purpose of Updates:

These recent changes aim to streamline the visa application procedure, offering a more straightforward process for Pakistani tourists seeking to immerse themselves in Russia’s cultural and historical treasures.

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