Remembering Folk singer Tufail Niazi on his 33rd Death Anniversary

Lahore: Thursday, 21 September 2023 is the 33rd death anniversary of folk maestro Tufail Niazi.

A multitude of admirers, spanning music enthusiasts, close friends, and cherished family, came together to pay their heartfelt tributes to this legendary artist.

Tufail Niazi, hailing from Jalandhar and born in 1916, imbibed the essence of classical music under the guidance of his father. His fame reached celestial heights with the enchanting rendition of “Sada Chirian Da Chamba.”

He etched his name in history as the first artist to grace Pakistan Television’s airwaves with his melodious voice.

Nurtured in the Kapurthala musical tradition and carrying the legacy of Saeen Ilyas, he possessed a distinctive allure that set him apart from other folk singers.

His vocals resonated with profound emotions, aptly conveying unbreakable bonds, particularly the love shared between a father and his daughter.

Tufail Niazi embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of eight, making his initial foray into the world of music.

Even before the birth of Pakistan, he had the honor of sharing the stage with eminent Indian singers at the renowned Harbalb festival.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, he was bestowed with the prestigious Pride of Performance Award in 1983. Sadly, he departed this world on September 21, 1990.

Notably, Tufail Niazi remained an integral part of Lok Virsa from its inception until his passing, leaving an indelible mark on Pakistan’s musical heritage.

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