What is Real Estate Broker?

Meaning of Real Estate Broker

The real estate broker is the professional in charge of mediating the negotiations for the purchase, sale, lease and exchange of residential and commercial properties. His mission is to provide customer support from the beginning to the conclusion of the real estate transaction, accompanying and providing all the necessary clarifications.

It deals with the bureaucratic and legal details relevant to the process, being essential for this type of operation.
Real estate brokers or real estate brokers have been a regulated profession in Brazil since 1962. Completion of high school and registration with the Regional Council of Real Estate Agents (CRECI) is mandatory. To obtain this registration, there are three training itineraries available.

Study the Technician in Real Estate Transactions (TTI) with an average duration of 1 year, studying the Superior in Technology in Real Estate Management with an approximate duration of 2 years or studying the Degree in Real Estate Sciences or Real Estate Business with an average duration of 4 years.

After training and registering with CRECI, in addition to being able to sell, buy and rent; The Broker will also be able to capture real estate to negotiate, investigate and provide real estate documentation, carry out appraisals of real estate in the market, control real estate portfolios, work in construction companies and be responsible for the management of condominiums.

There is also the possibility that the broker specializes in a segment.

For example, focus on rural properties, properties for those with pets, farm leasing, commercial business leasing, development launches, etc.

Another interesting possibility is to act in the international market, guiding clients for real estate investments abroad or advising foreign buyers in Brazil.

To support these procedures, the Federal Council of Real Estate Agents (Cofeci) has agreements with countries such as Portugal, Mexico and the United States, among others.

Due to the real estate warming achieved in recent years, through housing plans implemented by the government and new financing modalities, the race has become more attractive.

In addition, the profession stands out for allowing flexible working hours, good income from commissions and acting independently. In the current scenario, the most common modality among Real Estate Agents is self-employment.

The market gives preference to professionals with a communicative and persuasive profile, patient and resilient, with commercial skills, who know how to build and maintain their network of contacts, master the financial and legal aspects involved in transactions, are aware of market trends and be sure of yourself.

In addition, having a business vision is important to identify and assess the potential and risk of the real estate business.

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