Rana Sanaullah confident on securing 120 – 125 Seats from Punjab in GE 2024

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior figure Rana Sanaullah recently projected his party’s potential triumph in securing approximately 120 to 125 out of Punjab’s 141 National Assembly seats.

Speaking to reporters in Lahore, Sanaullah exuded confidence in the PML-N’s resurgence, affirming their capability to form the next government at the center with a comfortable majority.

Asserting their favorable position, Sanaullah emphasized the significance of ensuring a fair electoral environment, advocating for the inclusion of all political parties in the 2024 general elections to enable the populace to decide the country’s leadership.

However, amid the pre-election landscape, both Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have voiced persistent grievances, alleging an unfair playing field that appears to pave the path for the PML-N’s return to power ahead of the scheduled February 8, 2024 general elections.

Amid rumors surrounding elections sans Imran Khan, PTI has accused the caretaker government of creating an uneven field. The ongoing incarceration of the PTI chairman at Adiala Jail and purported constraints on the party’s election campaigning further fuel their claims of unfair practices.

Similarly, PPP once an ally of the PML-N in the previous Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) led coalition, has accused the Sharif-led party of contributing to an unjust environment. Sanaullah retaliated against the PPP’s accusations, questioning the fairness of levying false cases against PML-N leadership, citing disparities in treatment between current circumstances and the events of the 2018 elections.

Both PPP and PTI have raised concerns over alleged preferential treatment favoring PML-N, with recent statements by PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz further amplifying doubts. Shehbaz’s comments suggesting the acceptability of maintaining “cordial ties” with the establishment have added to the skepticism surrounding the fairness of the electoral process.

Overall, political landscape remains charged with accusations and counter-accusations, highlighting concerns about the equitable treatment of all parties in the upcoming elections.

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