What does popular culture mean?

What is popular culture?

Popular culture is an expression that characterizes a set of cultural elements specific to the society of a nation or region.

Often classified as traditional culture or mass culture . popular culture is a set of manifestations created by a group of people who have an active participation in them.

Popular culture is easy to generalize and expresses an attitude adopted by several generations regarding a particular problem in society.

The vast majority of popular culture is passed down orally , from the oldest elements of society to the youngest.

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Popular culture arose through continuous interaction between people from different regions and the need for human beings to adapt to their environment.

Sociology and ethnology, which study mass culture , are not intended to make value judgments, but to identify the permanent and coherent manifestations within a nation or community.

Each person has within them the notion of what is popular , which is defined by the thread of tradition and community.

It is influenced by the beliefs of the people in question and is formed through contact between individuals from certain regions. It can cover areas such as music, literature, gastronomy, etc.

Popular Culture and Mass Culture.

According to some authors, it is only possible to differentiate between popular culture and mass culture when the passage of time separates what is fashion and circumstance, becoming part of the essence of a people.

In this case, the word ” mass ” does not refer to a social class, but to a large number of people within a society.

Some people differ by saying that mass culture reveals a cultural product or strand that spreads to the masses.

Mass culture is applied in the media, and in the vast majority of cases, it is promoted by industries that seek profit.

On the other hand, mass culture refers to different manifestations that are popular and originate from different regions. It is more related to tradition and is passed down from generation to generation.

Difference between Popular Culture and Learned Culture.

Scholarly culture, also known as elite culture or superior culture, is obtained through study, theoretical research, and empirical data.

Scholar culture is almost exclusively for people with high financial status. Opera and works of art are some examples of manifestations of scholarly culture.

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