What is Political Science?

Meaning of Political Science

Political Science is the study of the policies , structures, and processes of government.

The study of politics emerged in ancient Greece, when Aristotle dedicated himself to understanding and defining the different forms of government .

Since then, politics has been on the agenda and received great attention from government officials and their respective societies, since politics is present in every human relationship.

Highlighting them has earned him special attention for analysis. But, although the attention on politics has been reinforced, Political Science itself was formed much later.

He brought together moral philosophy, political philosophy, economic policy, and history, for example, to compose analyzes on the state , on government, and its functions.

Political science emerged in the course of the 19th century, recognized as the century in which the human sciences such as sociology, anthropology, and history emerged.

At that time, something different from the political philosophy practiced by the ancient Greeks would appear.

The term Political Science was coined by Herbert Baxter Adamn , Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University (USA), in 1880.

The term today is applied to the theory and practice of politics , as well as descriptions and analyzes of political systems and behaviors.

As a science of the study of politics , it is devoted to political systems, organizations, and political processes.

Attention is also paid to the study of structures and changes in structures, as well as analyzes of government.

Businesses, unions, churches, and various other types of organizations with structures and processes that approach a government may be among the focuses of political scientists ‘ attention.

Political Science covers fields such as political theory and philosophy, political systems, ideologies, political economy, geopolitics, political geography, public policy, international relations, public administration, and others.

Various types of methodology are used in his practice , such as structuralism, behaviorism, rationalism, realism, pluralism, and institutionalism.

Therefore, the methods and techniques may involve primary and secondary sources. However, there is an internal discussion in Political Science about its object of study, since some believe that the central focus is the State and others believe that power.

Most political scientists defend the second, since it is more complete than the first.

Although Political Science has very old roots and has been consolidated for a long time in Europe and the United States, establishing their own study departments in universities.

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