Petrol prices drop by Rs 40, Diesel by Rs 15 per litre

Islamabad: Petrol prices in Pakistan has been massively decreased by Rs 40 per litre, High Speed Diesel by Rs 15 per litre.

Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, is committed to providing relief to the Pakistani population, which has been burdened by inflation. This huge price decrease is done due to significant appreciation of rupee against Dollar. New price for petrol will be 283.38 after decrease of Rs 40 per litre and HSD 303.18 after decrease of Rs 15 per litre. Notification issued.

Notably, on October 1, the petrol price decreased by Rs 8 per litre in Pakistan after a two-month period of increase, resulting in a rate of Rs 323.38 per litre.

During this adjustment, petrol prices were reduced to Rs 323.38 per litre, marking an Rs 8 per litre decrease. High-speed diesel (HSD) prices saw a decrease of Rs 11 per litre, setting it at Rs 318.18, while Kerosene oil prices dropped by Rs 7.53 per litre to Rs 237.28.

It’s worth mentioning that on September 15, the government had significantly increased petrol and diesel prices, despite earlier promises of providing relief to the public. At that time, a substantial hike of Rs 26.2 per litre was implemented for petrol, bringing it to a new price of Rs 331.38 per litre. Diesel also saw an increase of Rs 17.34 per litre, reaching a new price of Rs 329.18 per litre. Within just one month, the caretaker government raised petrol prices by Rs 58 per litre and diesel prices by Rs 56 per litre.

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