What is Patent Leather?

Meaning of Patent Leather

With a high-gloss finish, patent leather has long been established as a leather that is considered formal and elegant.

This form of leather owes its invention to Seth Boyden of Newark, New Jersey. During the year 1818, Boyden began to investigate the possibility of creating a version of leather that would be treated in such a way that the material would retain its protective qualities and durability, but also have a look that would be decidedly more elegant than work boots and the like. .

Patent leather has an extremely high shine and is often used to make shoes.

Using a formula that relied on a series of linseed oil-based layer-by-layer treatments, the new shiny leather began commercial production on September 20, 1819.

Boyden’s efforts resulted in the production of shiny leather that quickly became the perfect complement to formality. dress. Almost two centuries later, patent leather still maintains the status of being part of a formal look for men and women alike.

Originally, patent leather was made shiny by applying layers of linseed oil.

Patent leather begins life as a superior grade of fine-grain leather that is processed to give it a shiny appearance. Originally this was achieved by applying layers of a linseed oil finish to the leather, gradually creating a sleek look.

Over time, the invention of plastics changed the way this leather is produced.

The plastic finishes were able to produce effects similar to the application of various linseed oil treatments, with the advantage of considerably less expense on the part of the producer.

Over time, the development of synthetic resins further simplified the process and further reduced production costs, making mass production possible.

Characterized by a glass-like finish that catches the light, the typical patent leather accessory is a solid black. In addition to the mirror-like finish, it’s also virtually waterproof, while still having a very flexible texture.

The visual elements of this leather have made it a sought after material for all kinds of formal accessories. Almost all men’s footwear produced to be worn with a tuxedo is made of patent leather, as are many formal types of women’s heels.

Clutches and women’s handbags are also made with this material, as well as some formal handbags and cigarette cases. It is almost always considered an integral part of formal wear.

With almost two centuries of history, patent leather is a type of material that seems to keep going no matter what current fashion trends dictate.

It seems that as long as there is a need to dress up for an occasion, this material will be found in tuxedo closets and shops across the country.

Patent leather is sometimes used to make clutches and bags.

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