What is Nonverbal Communication?

Meaning of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication or behavioral communication refers to forms of expression that do not use words or written language, and encompasses learning within a culture, gestures, facial expressions, body postures, and physical distances that are unconscious. .

This type of communication is sometimes characterized by an individual retaining a good or bad impression of someone they may have met.

Nonverbal communication, sometimes called body language, is the sending of messages through facial expressions, gestures, body movements, and even tones of voice.

It also clarifies that “In some cases these non-verbal signs complement and reinforce what is said with words: for example, when we say ‘no’ and simultaneously shake our heads.

In other cases, non-verbal signs contradict what is said with words: for example, when one person says ‘I love you’ to another but cannot look them in the eye and repeatedly looks away.

One of the most relevant aspects of non-verbal communication is the expression of emotions through facial expressions.

Far from proposing a philosophical discussion, it is worth noting that this is not an unconscious communication, which can be verbal or non-verbal.

The term non-verbal communication or behavioral communication is conceptualized in the conscious context of the body, when the individual is in a lucid and organically healthy condition to express himself, even if he does not “ reason ” word by word and gesture by gesture of what he will talk about in the following second and this is an organic and natural process.

In the last decade, several investigations have been carried out with the aim of investigating human non-verbal behavior and very similar results have been presented, indicating that approximately fifty percent of the messages sent by people are transmitted by the body in movement, followed by forty percent transmitted by the vocal expression (tone of voice, pauses, breathing, etc.) and only ten percent by the meaning of the word itself.

The face is the strong candidate to occupy the role of protagonist of the vast and fascinating emotional repertoire of the human being, considering only the resources of laughter, which are innumerable: the smile, the laughter, the guffaw, the slight glow of the lips, the crying resulting from excessive laughter, etc. Infinite patterns of expression and emotion innate to humanity.

The interpretation of symbols, the development of traffic signs, advice on body posture in certain contexts, such as how to behave during a job interview, are among the most diverse studies on non-verbal communication, in which he based his observation for his own improvement.

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