What is Morse Code?

Meaning of Morse Code

Morse code is a means of communication that uses long, short dots, dashes, or sounds that correlate with each number or letter of the alphabet, delivering a coded message to the recipient.

This code was initially used for communication between cities . Its use became known during wars, with messages sent by electric telegraph or by light signals.

Morse code was developed by the American inventor and painter Samuel Finley Breese Morse , in 1835, also known for being the creator of the electric telegraph .

How does Morse code work?

At the time Samuel Morse invented the code, the most common way to send a pulse message was through a telegraph.

This telegraph sent pulses in the form of an electrical current , based on the message being typed, using the telegraph key.

Telegraph operators would then write messages using a series of clicks based on the codes. Each letter and an operator on the receiving end receives the clicks and converts them back into words.


To send and receive these messages, it was necessary to follow the standard table with the codes that represented each letter and number.

Today’s use of Morse Code

Morse code is still widely recognized, even if it is not used as it used to be. Its use is still frequent in the fields of aviation, because some systems that help radio navigation are still identified in the Morse Code.

It has also been used as an alternative form of communication for people with disabilities or those unable to communicate due to stroke, heart attack, or paralysis.

There have been several instances where people have managed to use their eyelids to communicate in Morse Code, using a series of long, rapid blinks to represent the dots and dashes represented in the chart.

Importance of Morse Code

Before the invention of Morse Code and the telegraph, messages were still written by hand and carried on horseback. Morse Code has changed the way we communicate . At the time of its invention, it was the fastest form of long-distance communication.

Morse Code allowed ships at sea to communicate over long distances using large lights. It was especially crucial during World War II, because it improved the speed of communication .

Naval warships were able to communicate with their bases and provide critical information to each other. Fighter planes also used Mors e Code to detail the locations of enemy ships, bases, and troops and relay them.

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