What is Marriage Counselor?

Meaning and Definition of Marriage Counselor

A marriage counselor counsels couples experiencing emotional difficulties in their relationships. She can give advice only to straight, legally married couples or accept clients who are simply cohabiting or fall into the gay, lesbian, transgender or transsexual categories.

Your work may be affiliated with a group of therapists or you may have a private, independent practice.

Marriage counselors help couples who have reached an impasse in their ability to communicate.

A significant number of counselors help people through social service agencies and mental health centers or provide counseling to clients in hospitals and clinics. A fairly recent trend is for a marriage counselor to provide therapy in their clients’ homes.

This approach is often thought to be beneficial as couples can be more candid when talking in the familiar setting of a home setting.

Couples can seek a counselor to rekindle the romance in their relationship.

People who seek the help of a marriage counselor often find themselves at an impasse in their interpersonal communications. The counselor typically assesses the relationship with the couple by identifying their specific areas of need by talking with them individually and together.

Once the problem has been isolated to the couple’s satisfaction, the counseling program usually begins.

A marriage counselor can suggest new activities that a couple can try together.

In some cases, the counselor gives couples advice in group therapy sessions. This setup is generally considered a good option for couples who may benefit from realizing the universality of some of their difficulties.

Group therapy sometimes leads couples to seek more private therapy sessions with the counselor. Emotional issues are one area that a marriage counselor can focus on.

Marital problems can stem from a wide range of issues. A marriage counselor is normally expected to be competent in addressing these difficulties and offer a variety of applicable solutions. Generally, she is required to remain objective in her recommendations to each party.

A marriage counselor may go to a home for couples to provide counseling services.

The therapy provided by a marriage counselor usually focuses on their clients’ ideas about the behavior of others. One of the first areas typically studied by a counselor is the couple’s communication skills.

If she finds that the couple is just talking to each other without listening or communicating their true feelings, she usually advises them on how to improve these skills.

Another counseling method commonly used by a marriage counselor includes initiating conversations about general topics and common areas of discussion with the couple. This often encourages them to discreetly reveal their innermost feelings.

Exercise often brings deep-seated needs, fears, and secrets to the surface, issues often unexplored by the couple.

A master’s degree in counseling is usually required to be a marriage counselor. Two years or 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience in the field is also a common requirement to be hired for this job.

Many regions also require a license or certification to practice this type of counselor. Empathy and discretion are routinely expected of those in the role of marriage counselor.

A marriage counselor can help couples identify problems within a relationship.

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