What is love?

Meaning of Love

Love is a feeling of affection and a show of affection that develops between beings who have the ability to show it.

Love motivates the need for protection and can manifest itself in different ways: maternal or paternal love, love between brothers (fraternal), physical love, platonic love, love of life, love of nature, love of animals, selfless love, self-love. , and etc


Etymologically, the term “ love ” arose from the Latin “ love ”, a word that had exactly the same meaning as today: a feeling of affection, passion and great desire.

Defining what love is is not an easy task, because for each person, love can represent something different.

Physical or erotic love represents love between couples, a feeling that implies a strong affective bond and, in general, a bond of a sexual nature.

It is usually symbolized by the design of a heart and Cupid is the mythological figure that personifies love.

Love causes enthusiasm for something and interest in doing good, for example, love of nature or love of animals.


Love of God or love of Christ demonstrates a religious connection, a feeling of devotion and adoration.

This type of love known as Agape , that is to say, is unconditional, unique and impossible to describe precisely. The love of God is a commandment in many religions, not only in the Christian ones.

Love is also one of the most important themes of various art forms.

Many people express their deepest feelings through love messages, declarations of love or love poems, which are shared with special people.

Sometimes an action or image is better than a thousand words. Love also has a social role , fueling other actions and feelings such as solidarity.

forbidden love occurs when two people cannot be together, when the relationship between them is not allowed.

forbidden love story is that of Romeo and Juliet, because their families were rivals. Forbidden loves are often the most desired.

Love is a popular term for a lovely, nice, kind and friendly person. The term can be used as an adjective ” the child is a love ” or a vocative ” love, I’m here “.

There are several definitions and types of love , which are different according to people and circumstances.

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