What is Life Cycle?

Meaning of Life Cycle

The life cycle is the set of transformations that the individuals of a species can undergo to guarantee their continuity as a species.

All living beings are subject to transformation processes. Biology is the science that studies the life of living beings , and one of the essential aspects to understand biological life is the study of the life cycle .

All living organisms have some stages of development and within reproduction is the mechanism by which the species survives.

The period between being alive and reproducing is the life cycle . Applied to this idea, humans would say that the life cycle of an individual is between his birth and the time when, as an adult, he reproduces.

The human reproduction mechanism is the moment of the beginning of the life cycle and an end concludes that closes the circle or cycle with a new human being.


The procedure is that the man places his penis in the woman’s vagina and after having sex deposits sperm and one of them unites with an egg from the woman.

At this point, the embryo is successfully fertilized. This occurs for nine months, feeding through the mother’s placenta. Finally, birth occurs.

At this point, one life cycle ends and another begins. In this way, the entire species (in the example above, the human species) is perpetuated. And a species disappears when the life cycle of its individuals has some kind of threat to its natural habitat.

Life cycle of a product

The idea of ​​the life cycle belongs to biology.

However, it is a concept that is applied to different fields, particularly economics , it speaks of the life cycle of a product to refer to the period from its extraction, followed by its production , distribution and consumption, and finally disposal.

It can be seen that an explanatory concept of biology used to explain another reality. This life cycle mechanism works as a model or system that is valid as a “parabola”, which explains other types of processes.

The life cycle is an idea that is applicable to phenomena where there is change and transformation : in the life of an individual that belongs to a species or a product that is part of a corporate team.

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