What is Knowledge?

Meaning of Knowledge

Knowledge is the act or effect of knowing , having an idea or the notion of something. It is instruction and information. It also includes descriptions, hypotheses, concepts, theories, principles, and procedures.

The concept of knowledge is important in pedagogy , and in this case it refers to the application or reminder of themes, concepts, theories, principles, names, that were previously learned.

To talk about this topic it is necessary to talk about data, it is a mixture of codes and the information is the result of the process of manipulating that data, so it can be considered information with a utility.

Types of Knowledge

Knowledge is divided into a number of categories :


  • Sensory: which is common knowledge between humans and animals.
  • Intellectual: which is the reasoning, the thought of the human being.
  • Popular : which is the form of knowledge of a particular culture.
  • Scientific: which is evidence-based analysis.
  • Philosophical: which is linked to the construction of ideas and concepts.
  • Theological: it is wisdom obtained from faith.



Scientific knowledge is something real because it is about events or facts, it constitutes contingent knowledge, because its prepositions or hypotheses have their truth or falsity proven through experimentation and not only by reason, as happens in philosophical knowledge .


Empirical knowledge , on the other hand, is what we acquire throughout the day, it is done through trial and error in a grouping of ideas; Empirical knowledge is something that does not need scientific proof .


Within pedagogy, it acts as a learning engine , facilitating the understanding and fixation of concepts, theories, everything that can be learned.

Self-knowledge and Wisdom

In philosophy, self- knowledge reflects the need for the individual to have a notion about himself. When that individual acquires a great deal of knowledge it can be said that he is endowed with wisdom.

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