What is Interpersonal Communication?

Meaning of Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is important in several segments throughout our lives, since it is the method that develops the exchange of information between two or more people.

We know that each interlocutor (Person participating in the conversation) exchanges information based on their cultural context, experiences and emotions.

The communication method foresees in its obligation that there be a minimum of two individuals who are the sender and the receiver, each one with their individual repertoire will transmit the information according to their set of particularities and the one who receives said message will act in the same way. according to their own cultural filter.

In order to minimize this differentiation of cultural concepts, multiple means of use have been created over time, which are now used by people in interpersonal communication.


We can mention conversation, mime, writing, telephone, computers, television and radio. And like any communication process, the sound must be reduced to a better quality that the sender can provide the receiver with in a clear and open way to understand the matter in question.

And so, once the message is sent, the receiver processes it and, according to his objectives, transforms it into knowledge.


It is worth mentioning that in interpersonal communication it is of the utmost importance that the interlocutors be concerned about the information that is going to be processed, the success of the communication does not depend only on how it is transmitted but also on how it is accepted, because it is valid to remember that we live in a society with a diverse culture and what sometimes seems obvious is not.

In short, interpersonal communication can be defined as the process by which two or more people exchange and understand information, usually with the intention of motivating or influencing behavior.

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