What is the God Complex?

Meaning of God Complex

When someone is said to have a god complex, it usually means that they are extremely arrogant, could consider themselves infallible, and might try to control or manipulate other people.

This slang term essentially suggests that the person behaves as if he were a god.

The term could be used colloquially to refer to people who behave as if they are superior to other people and show little empathy and compassion for others.

Although “god complex” is not a medical term and is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), it is sometimes associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

As with narcissism, someone with a god complex may have an overly inflated sense of self.

Characteristics of the God Complex

There is no specific definition of the term “god complex”, but there are certain characteristics that are common in people who are said to have this. These characteristics include arrogance, bullying or manipulating others, judging, and believing that you are never wrong.

Someone who has a god complex may also be prone to getting angry when things don’t go his or her way, may be poor at interpersonal communication, and may not be receptive to criticism.

You may also try to exert great influence in various matters or enjoy having power, authority, or control. Many people exhibit some of these characteristics in certain situations, even if they would not be said to have god complexes.

Surgeons and doctors are more likely to show signs of a god complex.

More common in some professions

People in certain professions are often accused of having god complexes. Among the most common are doctors, surgeons, politicians and managers. Many of these professions require a lot of knowledge or skill and involve having influence or authority over other people.

In many cases, people will develop god complexes only after gaining power, perhaps lending credence to the old saying “power corrupts.”

Someone with a god complex might believe they are infallible and criticize others for not meeting their standards.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Although narcissistic personality disorder is not the same as a god complex, there are some similarities.

Characteristics of NPD include an exaggerated view of oneself, a lack of empathy for others, and reacting angrily to criticism. A person who has NPD can also easily become jealous and take advantage of other people.

Those with the god complex generally lack empathy and often do not react appropriately to emotional situations.

Self esteem

Despite the way people with god complexes or NPD behave, many psychoanalysts believe that they actually have a very fragile and delicate self-esteem, which makes their self-esteem based on the approval and attention of others. .

This sensitivity could be what drives them to behave insensitively, because when they feel threatened or marginalized, they may lash out.

It can also be difficult for people to acknowledge that they have god complexes, and they might interpret such suggestions as criticism designed to undermine them rather than help them.

Someone with a god complex may have unreasonable expectations of others. People who have a god complex often engage in gossip.

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