Differences between DNA and RNA?

DNA and RNA 

DNA and RNA are acronyms for chemical substances involved in the transmission of hereditary characters and in the production of compound proteins.
They are the main component of living beings; They are nucleic acids found in all human cells.

Differences between DNA and RNA

The main difference between these two nucleic acids is that DNA is responsible for storing the genetic information used in the development of living organisms, while RNA is responsible for protein synthesis .

They differ in structure because DNA is double-stranded , while RNA is single-stranded . However, RNA is more versatile than DNA, being able to perform numerous tasks in an organism.



According to biology, DNA makes RNA , which makes proteins.
The information contained in DNA is recorded by following its bases in the chain , which indicates another sequence, the amino acid substances that make up proteins.

RNA types

Delivery courier

DNA is not the direct manufacturer of these proteins ; To do this, it forms a specific type of RNA, the Messenger RNA. The genetic code is in the DNA, in the nucleus of the cells, the proteins are in the cell cytoplasm, where the messenger RNA is directed.


Carrier RNA is found in the cell cytoplasm and transports the amino acids that will be used in protein formation to the ribosomes, where protein synthesis will take place.


Ribosomal RNA is found on ribosomes. When synthesized, rRNAs accumulate to form nucleoli, which combine with proteins to form ribosomes.


DNA is a molecule made up of two strands in the form of a double helix , consisting of a sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base.
The double helix is ​​an essential factor in DNA replication during cell division, with each helix serving as a template for a new one.


RNA is the acronym for Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) , which is a molecule also made up of a sugar, a phosphate group and a nitrogenous base.
RNA is responsible for the synthesis of cellular proteins , they are usually formed in a single chain, which can sometimes be folded.

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