Discussions on Extra Weekly holiday for Schools in Lahore, CM Punjab gives Decision

The Punjab government has reached a decision regarding the declaration of Wednesday as a public holiday for schools. Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has officially announced that Wednesdays will continue to be regular workdays as usual.

Previously, there were discussions among provincial authorities regarding the possibility of an additional weekly holiday due to the alarming levels of smog in Lahore. However, given the improved Air Quality Index (AQI), the government has decided against implementing this change.

In a statement posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), CM Mohsin Naqvi mentioned a significant meeting with his cabinet members, where he announced

Additionally, Naqvi highlighted the proactive efforts of the Secretary of Transport, district administration, and the Police in addressing various sources of air pollution. “We’re vigilant and taking proactive measures to keep the Air Quality Index under control,” he concluded.

Furthermore, factories have been sternly cautioned against exceeding prescribed emission limits and tire burning. Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have received instructions to take action against those responsible for burning crop residues.

In order to ensure the availability of high-quality, low-emission fuels to the public, Mohsin Naqvi has issued strict measures against the sale of substandard fuel.

Moreover, the construction industry has been provided with guidelines to reduce smog levels, including requirements to cover sand and gravel and continuously dampen construction sites with water.

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