what is culinary?

Meaning of Culinary

Culinary is the art of cooking or preparing food and has evolved according to the history of mankind and has different characteristics in each culture.

The cuisine reflects the customs of a people and is also reflected in other cultural aspects such as religions and politics. Not only the food, but also the cooking utensils and techniques are part of a particular cultural collection.

In accordance with the changes in the behavior of mankind, and with the advent of industrialized society, with people working outside the home and without time to cook and dine, the need for fast food arose.

On the other hand, with the changes in people’s eating habits , new rules, and even laws, also emerged to regulate the production and sale of food in industrialized society.

There are other subdivided areas of culinary that are concerned with developing new cooking techniques and an in-depth study of the functions of food. They are nutrition, dietetics and gastronomy.


In the early days of mankind, before the discovery of fire. The foods were basically vegetables harvested from the forests and hunted animals, and these foods were eaten raw.

With the discovery of fire by man, cooking changed, and now cooked food contributed to the organic development of man. The discovery of agriculture and livestock improved not only the quality of food for primitive man but also its quantity. and variety.

Culinary techniques and utensils vary according to culture and are adapted to the availability of ingredients and customs of each town. The first culinary utensil was the hand itself, even when consuming raw food.

With the arrival of fire, man felt the need to create utensils to remove food, since high temperatures did not allow handling. It was then that pottery was discovered and the first pots and containers for storing water were produced.

With the discovery of metallurgy and other materials such as glass, household items have been adapted to the variety available.

Culinary is directly related to the development of humanity and human social organization. Because it was through the search for food and an improved diet that man began to organize himself in society and to develop technologies.

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