What does crush mean?

Crush is a term of the English language that means “crushing” or “collision”, in the literal translation for the Spanish language.

What is Crush?

However, this word is also commonly used in the figurative sense, referring to a feeling of intense passion for someone.

In this case, crush can be understood as a slang that, in the Spanish translation, would be similar to the term ” platonic love “.

For example: ” She has a crush for you ” translated would be ” You are her platonic love ”

This term is widely used among teenagers, mainly through social networks on the Internet, such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and etc. Crushes are usually a type of ” fleeting passion ” or ” intense, idealized passion .”

In English, the expression “ to have a crush on ” means “ to be in love with ”, while “ to be crushed ” means “ to be disappointed ” or “ to be bothered ”.

The same word, depending on the context or the expression, can mean completely different feelings.

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