What is coterraneo?

Meaning of Coterráneo

Coterráneo is an adjective used to qualify a person who is from the same place as another person . Two people born in the same city are, therefore, compatriots.


The prefix co comes from the Latin cum and means union or company .
A countryman is one who shares the same land with another person. The prefix co is similarly used to create other terms that convey the idea of ​​union, such as co -official , cooperation , coordination , co -author, or co- religious .


For example: “ Roger Federer defeated his countryman in three sets and qualified for the final of the tournament ”, “ The English singer, in his new album, pays tribute to his countryman who died last year ”, “ The German ambassador in Senegal led the negotiations to free its countrymen kidnapped by terrorists .”

The idea of ​​compatriot refers to sharing the same land of origin . The term can be used in relation to a country, province, or city, depending on the context.

In the case of the writers Lope de Vega and Tirso de Molina, on the other hand, they are compatriots in terms of their hometown (Madrid) and their country (Spain). These authors share more than one point in common in relation to their origin.

When two subjects are fellow countrymen, they generally have many cultural ties in common. In general, they speak the same language, although there may be exceptions.


If they grew up in the same hometown, they probably also received a similar upbringing, learning about the same historical events, to name one case.

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