What is Cosplay?

Meaning of Cosplay

Cosplay is the art of generally depicting characters from Japanese pop culture . However, with the popularization of the ” hobby “, the practice of cosplay has spread throughout the world, and not only anime characters are represented, it goes far beyond that, being able to represent characters outside of Eastern culture.

Also, for many, cosplay goes beyond a hobby and even becomes a profession.

In general, those who do cosplays, the so-called cosplayers or cosmakers , are fans of the characters they represent and the respective series, movies, games or drawings to which this character belongs.

Cosplay is a term in English, formed by the combination of the words costume ( costume ) and roleplay ( game or interpretation ).

There is no age restriction for cosplay production , the practice covers all age groups and is common in all fandoms.

How was the cosplay created?

As many think, cosplay is not an original practice of Japanese culture. On the contrary, it was the Americans who started this way of fantasizing.

The first person to dress up as a science fiction character was Forrest J. Ackerman, in 1939, at the First World Science Fiction Convention in New York.

After that, in the years that followed, science fiction fans began to attend events dressed as their favorite characters, creating the concept of costuming , fan costuming .


In the 1990s, when Japanese anime and manga became popular in the western world, the word cosplay was related to the characterization of characters that belong to oriental drawings.

Currently, there are major conventions and events focused on this type of fantasy, with great prizes. In these events, the best representations of the characters are evaluated , either by clothing or interpretation.

How much does it cost to cosplay?

Cosplay, although it has become a technique that is taken seriously by many and practiced as professionally as possible, remains popular because it values ​​“ do it yourself ” concepts , from which the artists themselves make their fantasy, such as everybody. the equipment and accessories they may need to characterize the character.

Therefore, the cosplay will cost according to your interest in making it better executed. For a good and faithful cosplay, quality resources are needed and they are similar to the chosen character.

The practice goes beyond a simple fantasy. It is done with dedication and willingness to look as much as possible with what was chosen to be represented.

What is Cosmaker and Cosplayer?

Cosmaker or Cosplayer is the term used to define who is doing cosplay , who is in the habit of doing it, or who already has cosplay as a form of work.

There are many cosmakers renowned for their performances. In general, they are quite popular for well-done cosplays and a lot of presence at events.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the cosplayer is not limited to dressing up, but also to interpreting the personality of the chosen character.

How to be a cosplayer?

To become a cosmaker or cosplayer, all you need is willpower and enough patience . You must dedicate yourself to the maximum in all the details that make up the costume and, in more professional cases, even act as the chosen character.

As already mentioned, cosplay goes beyond the concept of dressing up. So have enough dedication and don’t give up! The technique involves a lot of training and knowledge .

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