What is corroborate?

Meaning of corroborate

Corroborate is a word that originates from the Latin corroborare and originally its meaning was to give strength to something , to strengthen , a meaning that still remains today.

However, in our language corroborate acquires other meanings, such as prove , confirm , certify .

The transitive verb corroborating is used today especially in academic and legal circles, among intellectuals and scientists.

The word is common in areas where arguments need eloquence, and thus we find that statements must be corroborated , theses must be corroborated, theories are accepted when they corroborate others, or when they corroborate experiences, evidence, etc.


A study will collect data to substantiate the assumptions; Many believe in ghosts and aliens, but there is not yet enough evidence to support this belief;

The police work assuming that all the murders were committed by the same man, but they have not yet found enough data to corroborate this suspicion.

The term corroborate will also seem to mean fortify, gain strength, strengthen. And in this sense, a person can take a tonic to corroborate his health, or start practicing physical exercises to corroborate his muscles.

Synonyms of corroborate

Among the many possible synonyms that we can list to corroborate, we can highlight those that are beyond those already mentioned: maintain, demonstrate, invigorate, support, oxygenate, strengthen, justify, ratify, sanction, approve, approve, approve, legitimize, agree , endorse, validate, certify, authenticate, evidence, ensure, sustain, invigorate, affirm, endorse, verify, rectify, settle, encourage, harden, consolidate, fix, apply, comply, seal, admit, etc.

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