What is Copilot?

Meaning of co-pilot

The pilot or commander of an aircraft is responsible for it. However, the responsibility would be great if there was not a helper, the co-pilot. He has the function, exactly, of assisting the commander in navigation, communicating with the control bodies, reading the checklist at each stage of the flight, completing the flight plan, following the supply, loading the cargo on board. , performing external inspections, etc.

As for training, the commander and co-pilot receive the same. Both participate in the same classes, and it can be said that in terms of technical knowledge, both have the same knowledge. The intention is that the co-pilot is as prepared as the commander, should it become necessary for him to take command of the flight.

Therefore, we have two pilots, both with the same capacity to perform the function.

The duties of both positions are the same. They share the tasks related to the flight, but hierarchically the one who has the final decision-making power is the pilot.

In Brazil, there is the International Faculty of Free Courses, which is a national and international reference, with its course program reaching the highest score by the International Society of Masters and Doctors.

To participate in a course at this institution, it is not necessary to accredit education, since the courses are aimed at lay people. In addition, the faculty develops projects and research, associated with other educational institutions.

The physical and psychological aspects are extremely important for people who will follow this profession.

Physical because they need to be well prepared physically to do what the pilot requires of them, whatever the task, and psychological because in their daily lives they will have to deal with various pressure situations, where they will have to make decisions, act quickly and accurately, control nervousness, fear and being extremely thoughtful, in order to act as efficiently as possible.

The required effectiveness of co-pilot is not required in other professions, so before starting the race, it is best to be sure of the path you want to follow.

However, there are many advantages, one of which is the financial performance, which is reasonably good. Initially, a co-driver earns around $4,500.00. If you are an executive, airline co-pilot, commander, international co-pilot, etc., this value will increase, reaching much higher values.

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