What is Conduct?

Meaning of Conduct

Conduct is the way men conduct themselves in their lives and actions . Therefore, the word can be used as a synonym for behavior .

In this sense, behavior refers to the actions of people in relation to their environment or their world of stimuli.


The behavior of species is studied by ethology , which belongs to both biology and experimental psychology.

For psychology, the concept only applies to animals with a sufficiently complex cognitive system . In the social sciences, on the other hand, behavior includes genetic, cultural, sociological, and economic aspects, in addition to psychological aspects.

It can be said that behavior is the set of observable behaviors in a person. It is divided into three areas: the mind ( which includes activities like thinking, dreaming, etc. ), the body ( eating, talking ), and the external world ( attending a meeting/consultation, talking with friends ).


It should be noted that human behavior is considered formal when the subject’s behavior respects a series of valuable rules in a society or community. For Western countries, formal behavior requires seriousness, punctuality, determination and precision, for example.

Good and Bad Behavior

That is why it is common for people to use this expression to refer to when a person is right before the laws and society itself.

For example: a person can have good or bad behavior and this can be influenced by the group in which he is inserted or even by the principles and instructions he received throughout his life.

In this sense, there is still what is known as misconduct , which is characterized by inappropriate or violent attitudes and actions towards another person, violating norms and rules.

It is common to use this term (or the term ” conduct disorder “) when a coworker is disrespectful to another at work or when a student is disrespectful to a colleague by acting aggressively or defiantly.

An example of misconduct or conduct disorder is when a student harasses and bullies another student .

In most cases, the behavior of a person who has bad behavior is influenced by his family environment, where the child grows up witnessing his parents, siblings, etc., acting aggressively and making verbal physical aggressions.

It is explained that people who suffer from bad behavior have low activity in the orbitofrontal cortex. An area responsible for processing reward stimuli.

This could be because this person grew up in the learning process where only bad behaviors are considered and there are no rewards for the good behaviors they practice.

On the other hand, other meanings for the word behavior:  Behavior also makes natural reference to procedure and behavior.

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