What is Air Conditioning Condenser?

Meaning of Air Conditioning Condenser

An air conditioning condenser is a vital part of an air conditioner responsible for cooling the vapors coming from a compressor.

It is not only used in traditional air conditioners, but also in refrigerators and just about any other type of device that supplies refrigerant, or chilled air, to another location.

Sometimes this part of the air conditioner is confused with the outdoor unit in a split system.

The air conditioning condenser looks a lot like a coil, or perhaps a radiator. Its job is to take hot gaseous vapor coming from the condenser and cool it back down to liquid form. It does this through a process called condensation.

Water vapor in the air, which is a gas, goes through a similar process when it turns into liquid dew, commonly seen in the morning. The condenser cools the gas to a certain point to create the same effect.

The heat in an air conditioning condenser is transferred through the coils and then into the air. In an air conditioning unit, the hot air is exhausted outside and the liquid refrigerant passes to the next step in the process, which is the expansion device.

In the case of refrigerators, the hot air is usually exhausted under or behind the unit. In most cases, the condenser will need a little help to cool the liquid down quickly enough, which is why a fan is often used.

The fan does not actually cool the coolant, but instead helps transfer heat from inside the coil to the surrounding air. Therefore, the natural result is less heat in the coolant itself.

It should be noted that while many outdoor units are called air conditioner condensers, that is not the truth. The most visible part of the units in the outer casing is often the condenser unit or the components that help the condenser, so there can be some confusion.

The capacitor is actually one of multiple components located within that case. Also included on the outside of a split air conditioning system is the compressor. The components work together to deliver the desired cooled air to a controlled environment.

Depending on the age of the air conditioner, its operating conditions and usage, there may be certain parts of the air conditioner condenser that need to be replaced from time to time.

These include the coils, commonly called evaporator coils, which can eventually corrode. This could cause refrigerant leaks. The fan motor is another vital unit for the condenser that can go bad from time to time.

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