What is Concierge?

Meaning of concierge

The Concierge, a French term, is the professional who migrated from the hotel business and became responsible for a residential or commercial condominium.

He is always attentive to who enters and leaves these buildings, opening doors for residents and their visitors, calling the elevator, in short, attending to the residents of the buildings or hotel guests 24 hours a day.

You can translate this expression, which had its origin in the term Comte Des Cierges, that is, the candle counter, for caretaker, concierge or doorman. Only, in our country, with a high degree of sophistication.

The professional assumes several functions that would correspond to the superintendent, such as the management of the security body of the place, the receptionists, the employees. But his task goes further, because the Concierge must always be ready to listen to the outbursts of the neighbors, ready to satisfy his minimum wishes, at any time of the day, even at dawn.

In hotels or concierges, the specialist is usually found in the hall, ready to satisfy any customer need. His mission is broad, from providing a taxi, to providing all the information that the tourist needs, not only about the place where he is staying, but also about the city and its main tourist areas.

The Concierge also acts as an intermediary in the purchase of tours, rents cars, advises on the best restaurants in the region, makes reservations at those selected by guests, calls pharmacies and florists, among many other responsibilities.

In the condominiums, it is ensured that the residents do not have to worry about the maintenance and cleaning of their apartments; It offers fitness courses and 24-hour receptionist service.

As many of the residents tend to be from other places, the Concierge also seeks to keep them up to date with the local cultural program, even sending emails to facilitate access to this information.

The superintendent acts in the legal field of buildings, oversees the internal administration, ensures that residents comply with the established regulations and pays the corresponding fines, keeps the inhabitants up to date with their work, preserves the building and its tranquility. , protects the accounting texts of the condominium.

The concierge, in turn, in addition to meeting the needs of the residents, must plan the events that the residents carry out and welcome their guests; be accessible at all times, by cell phone or radio; provide massage therapists, personal trainers and many other professionals; and can often act jointly with the liquidator, sharing their functions.

This professional is usually a Hospitality graduate, almost always a woman, and can earn from $3,000 to $6,000. However, many of these specialists also come from other fields, such as Law, Psychology, Marketing, among others.

The main requirement is to enjoy working with people, therefore being communicative and expansive. Many condominium residents no longer live without the Concierge, drawing him in for every day-to-day minimum.

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