What is Complicity?

Meaning of complicity

Complicity is the action or state of having secondary participation or co-authorship in something . It can have the meaning of collusion or friendship , being used equally in both directions.

When used in the sense of collusion, there is generally a negative connotation and it refers to the quality of being an accomplice in some illegal act.

Complicity is a word that refers to the quality of someone who is an accomplice . An accomplice is that person who collaborates with someone to do or achieve something.

In this way, complicity can be understood as synonymous with company , companionship , association , solidarity.

The term complicity is also used as a positive and desirable attitude in a relationship, whether between partners, friends, family, etc.


The connotation generally attributed to this attitude is positive because it shows harmony, companionship and understanding.

  • Example: “ Ana and Marcelo’s relationship is very complicit ”.

Complicity in a relationship also implies association, trust and support in the most diverse decisions to be made. Complicity is an important characteristic in various types of relationships, especially in love.

Some synonyms of Complicity can be: co -participation and collusion .

What is complicity for justice?

Legally, an individual who was an accessory to a criminal act can be prosecuted for their participation and association in the execution of the act.

In this case, who plays the role of accomplice has knowledge or participation in the crime or infraction that was committed or continues to be committed.

  • Example: “ Rui acted in complicity with Marcos in that criminal act ”.

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