What is Commitment?

Meaning of Commitment

A compromise is an agreement between two parties that something will be accomplished. A courtship is considered a commitment , a marriage as well.

When it is said that the person is ” committed ” it is because he has committed to be faithful to the other in the form of a loving relationship.

The word commitment comes from the Latin compromittere , which joins with , which means together , and primotterre , which means to promise . Then it would be an agreement with another party, a mutual promise .

Some synonyms of commitment : agreement, adjustment, convention, promise, obligation, responsibility , incubation, debt.

Commitment in English is commitment ou compromise .

The commitment to God is also an agreement, but one that the devotees make with the divine figure. Through prayers, religious people commit themselves to God and take their vows, whether of poverty, chastity, or other intentions, depending on the belief followed.


The expression I have a commitment means that the person has a scheduled time to do something or meet someone. The appointment, in this case, is the event marked on the agenda.

Having a moral commitment means that the person must respect certain principles of morality and behavior established in the environment where they live, and that they must follow these precepts because they are committed to society.

The expression is mainly used in terms of reporting crimes, as in the example: “when he learned of the crime of corruption that was occurring within his own office, he had a moral commitment to report it ”.

The so-called “ term of commitment and responsibility ” and “ commitment of purchase and sale ” are extrajudicial contracts established between two parties to define the terms of a commercial agreement.

Widely used in the labor market for internships and in the real estate business.

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