What is Coincidence?

Meaning of Coincidence

The word coincidence has numerous meanings and among them is found in its figurative sense that of a competition of some circumstances, such as obtaining a happy coincidence.

Coming from the etymology of the verb to coincide + ência, this word designates an action or even a way in which something coincides.

It can also describe when there is a realization at the same time of one or more facts, what we would call simultaneity: rain was expected, but the sun appeared quickly by coincidence. Furthermore, such a word has its grammatical classification as a feminine noun.

And its syllabic separation is produced as follows: co-in-ci-den-cia.

Its plural form is also admitted, remaining as follows: coincidences. This word has 12 letters, including vowels and consonants; the vowels are as follows: ayi o. The consonants are: cd n.

The word coincidence refers to a fact that coincides in time or space of two or more people, events or things, as an example we have: thanks to this coincidence I met him.

In addition, it can be considered as the appearance in the combination of two or more things: how many similarities are there between the two cases? For many it is taken as the action and the effect of matching.

Its morphological classification classifies it as a feminine noun, because it begins to designate a circumstance in which things or people we meet by chance coincide.

It can also be an aspect in which two people or things are equal and disagree, even in soccer games, in the daily life of any couple, or it can even be the name of a set of meetings where members of years of friendship do not meet.

  • For example: Sentiment matching caused the session to end earlier than expected.

In this sense, coincidence is often used with the verb: it was the coincidence that the winning lottery numbers corresponded to his date of birth. They are taken as a coincidence, a commonly used expression is that the coincidence, it is mere coincidence, it is pure coincidence.

Given the coincidence that I was also there, which was also a coincidence that I was there, so all the themes revolve around something that was not marked and happened.


The following words are synonyms of match:

  • Meeting
  • Conjunction
  • Concurrence
  • Synchrony
  • Confluence

Examples of Uses and Phrases

  • It was a coincidence that I studied with my first boyfriend in college. Life preaches each play and surprises us day by day with those plays.
  • People believe that it is a coincidence to believe in Jesus Christ, on the contrary, it is necessary to believe in Him in order to obtain eternal life.
  • What a coincidence to see you here. I thought you had already moved to Argentina. So: I’ll only stay until the end of the month, because I’m on vacation.

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