What is Cognitive?

Meaning of Cognitive

The cognitive is what belongs to or is related to knowledge , which, in turn, is the set of information stored through experience or learning (a posteriori), or by introspection (a priori).

It is an expression that is related to the process of acquiring knowledge ( cognition ). Cognition involves various factors like thinking, language, perception, memory, reasoning, etc., which are part of intellectual development .


The branch of psychology responsible for cognition is cognitive psychology , which looks at the mental processes involved in knowing.

Its object of study are the basic and deep mechanisms by which knowledge is produced , from perception, memory and learning , to the formation of concepts and logical reasoning.

Cognitive development

Cognitive development , in turn, focuses on thought processes and the behavior that reflects those processes.

This development, resulting from the child’s efforts to understand and act in the world, appears as an innate ability to adapt to the environment.


The usual way of processing information and using cognitive resources is known as a cognitive style. It should be noted that it has no connection to intelligence or intelligence quotient (IQ), but is rather a component of personality.

cognitive bias

Another related concept is that of cognitive bias , a distortion that affects the way a person perceives reality. In general, there is talk of cognitive distortions every time errors in information processing are identified.

cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapeutic intervention that deals with cognitive restructuring, since it considers that such distortions have negative effects on emotions and behavior.

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