What is Cliché?

Meaning of Cliche

Cliché refers to a repetitive action or idea, without originality . Something cliché is something that, historically, is considered quite common, that is repeated over time, without the need for originality or creativity.

Some traditions can be considered clichés , like the white wedding dress, for example.

The origin of the cliché is in the French cliché , which refers to a photograph or portrait . It refers to a saturated, used and very beaten idea due to massive and prolonged reproduction over time, becoming a buzzword, a common place, something repetitive.

Cliché can also refer to a metal or zinc bar, which has a photo or text engraved on its surface. These images, in the future, will be printed on photographic presses.


  • Old
  • Outdated;
  • Repetitive;
  • Banal

Examples of Cliché Phrases

  • “And they lived happily ever after”.
  • “Don’t forget to like, subscribe to the channel.”
  • “And the Oscar goes to…”.
  • “The problem is not you, it’s me.”
  • “In the last chapter of the novel they are going to get married.”
  • “Football is a box of surprises.”
  • “He steals, but he does”
  • “I am your Romeo, you are my Juliet.”

All of these phrases are considered cliché examples . Yes, you just met some samples and you certainly knew how to recognize most, if not all. You must have heard and read various phrases and situations like these and you must have thought “ this is older than my grandmother ”.

We don’t know if they are bigger than her small voice, but they are certainly old ideas, expressions that have been used for a long time and if they ever had a positive, surprising and lasting impact, this effect has greatly diminished due to the wear and tear of overuse. of such phrases and situations.

That is why the cliché is not popular and is the target of protests for those who transmit the idea, since it is not new.

People are always looking for something new, different, to get them out of boredom, to add something to their lives, a new experience.

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Facing a situation that you have already dealt with on several occasions is to feel within a tedious routine , which tends to repeat itself, which causes demotivation, discouragement to continue doing and experiencing the same things.

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