What is Christian Communism?

Meaning of Christian Communism

Christian communism is a form of philosophical thought that combines the basic concepts of communism and the Christian religion.

According to this reasoning , the precepts disclosed by Jesus Christ of love for one’s neighbor and the valorization of the humblest go against the ideas of the proletariat elaborated by Karl Marx at the end of the 19th century.

Therefore, Jesus Christ, almost 2000 years earlier, would have built an egalitarian society with his apostles, similar to the scheme undertaken by communism.

Christian Socialism

This conciliatory formula of communism and Christianity is seen as a radical development of Christian socialism . But it still has several points that can be controversial among its supporters.

Especially concepts like materialism (which is in fact not part of Marx’s original work, intended to be an economic study in the first place), not to mention Lenin’s contributions to Marxism.

Being basically an economic theory , it had its political interpretation provided by the work of this Russian revolutionary. In a formula known as Marxism-Leninism , this was the paradigm of practically all the socialist regimes that emerged around the planet in the 20th century.

As far as is known, the early organization of the Christian church was based on communal principles , each working to build something greater, based on the teachings of Jesus.

The apostles were reunited with their families and disciples, living on equal terms . They practiced a faith where the individual was not encouraged to gain greater power or wealth or even importance in relation to others.

This image of the early days of the Christian religion is very similar to Marx’s studies of the social and economic evolution of the human being, and his description of primitive societies.

According to him, at a very remote stage, they would have experienced complete communism . , without inequality, economic exploitation of work and accumulation of wealth.

Marxism and Christianity

One of the fundamental principles that link Marxism and Christianity is concern for the common good and charity towards others.

This is a point where we can see the similarity between the two structures. Early Christianity, especially the one seen in the Acts of the Apostles, is seen as a philosophy close to communist reasoning.

Christians base their donations on the religious belief of love of neighbor , thus making the sacrifice of their consolation for love of neighbor, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus.

These sacrifices, although freely chosen, derive from the philosophy brought by Christ , and which every believer continues to follow, good or bad.

In other words, they are the result of a personal decision , inspired by the words of God’s representative on Earth. In communism, something similar happens.

The political structure established by the communist society calls for citizens to participate, according to precepts programmed and believed to be beneficial to the people.

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