What is Choreography?

Meaning of Choreography

Choreography is the art of aesthetic composition of body movements. Its origin arises when the need arises to present an idea or feeling to an audience. Through expressive body movements from ritual to scenic or spectacular.

The art of choreography developed, along with theatrical art, when it ceases to be an act of catharsis and is linked to the divine, to serve as entertainment and cultural propagation.


From the Greek khorus circle ) and graphe writing, representation ), they underlie the word choreography. The circular element is a reference to the circle dances and the orchestra, where the Greek theatrical choir danced. The choreography is to draw / record the space with the movement of the body.


The professional who creates the choreographies is called a choreographer and the one who records these movements graphically is the choreologist . Choreology is the writing of the dance, which can be in a staff (score), as in the Benesh System or in symbols typical of a methodology such as the Laban notation method.

Each artistic language has specific aesthetic elements, just as in the languages ​​of Visual Arts, Theater and Music, the language of Dance also has its fundamental codes.

Create Choreography

Establishing a choreography requires the artist to master the aesthetic elements already codified by various dance scholars. Like space, time, weight and fluidity, in relation to the body in motion.

In a choreography, these basic elements dialogue with each other and can build other meanings that cause different sensations in the viewer. Because according to the composition made, you can get different results, such as balance, movement, fragmentation, linearity, etc.

The author can also rely on the specific resources of other artistic languages , adding greater drama, joy, surprise, wonder, finally, different emotions.

What has contributed a lot to the sets, costumes and props, as well as elements of the theater that have increasingly enriched the contemporary scene with the dance / theater performances and the preparations of the dancing artists with their own techniques from the universe of the theater.

Choreography can be created as a stand-alone theme, to be performed independently, and can also be produced as an integral part of a music program, opera, play, television show, etc.

In the academy, the choreography is also called ballet, even though it is not a classical dance.

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